Vintage & classic car & motorcycle parts bead blasting service.

We offer bead-blasting services for classic auto parts restorations.

Bead blasting is excellent for removing dirt, grime, varnish and light paint from old machine parts.

It is important to understand, that our blasting setup is gentle, and suitable as a ‘last finish’.  We are not an industrial blaster, and our medium is very, very fine glass (Honite).

It transforms parts from old-looking to good as new!

Particularly good for restoring aluminium parts, such as carburettors, manifolds, motorcycle crankcases, aluminum wheels, gearbox casings, and general machine parts.

Can also be useful for preparing steel parts for paint, anodising, zinc plating etc..
In fact is good for just about any metal parts.



We can only accept parts that are oil free, grease free, and free of heavy soiling.   So, please ensure your parts are completely degreased before sending them to us.

The inside dimensions of our cabinet are:
(This is the space your parts need to fit into).

We do accept ‘delivery in person’ but please ensure you contact us beforehand to arrange a time.

Typical turnaround time is 1-3 working days depending on current workload.
Contact us if you are in a rush, and if possible, we will accommodate you pronto!

Contact us with your enquiry:
[email protected]

Include your phone number and if possible, photos of the parts you require blasting.


P.s. If you are far away from us and you do not want to travel, you are welcome to pack your parts well, and post them to us – We’ll bead-blast them, re-pack them well, and post them back to you. Please contact us beforehand to confirm arrangement. Our address is below, Thanks : )




Our address is:
Classic Carbs UK
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[email protected]

Thank you!
Emmanuel Grigoriou
ClassicCarbs UK