Genuine WEBER 45 DCOE 152 ‘G’ Carburettor | 5 Progression Holes

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Genuine, Spanish Made WEBER 45 DCOE 152 ‘G’ carburettor.

The ‘G’ indicates that this carburettor is supplied with 5 progression holes per barrel,  and is ideally suited to Ford Zetec and Duratec 16V engines.

This additional number of progression holes will smooth out the flat spots found between idle and the main jet progression phase when compared to using 3 or 4 progression hole type 45 DCOE 152 carburettors.

Comes with jetting :

  • 36mm Venturi choke
  • 4.5 Auxilliary Venturi
  • 145 Main jet
  • F16 Emulsion tube
  • 155 Air corrector jet
  • 40 Pump exhaust valve
  • 55F8 Idle jet
  • 45 Pump jet
  • 2.00 Needle valve.

These carburettors are sold as singles and have a cable-type connection throttle lever and a single fuel union fitted as per the picture.

To use as a pair please order a T-piece fuel union and a female balance lever in addition to the carburettors, so you can pair them up.

This carburettor Replaces older weber part numbers 1960006201 & 19600.06201

Brand New , Genuine WEBER carburettor.



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