Carburettor Fuel Hose / Line Pressure Relief Kit ( For 8mm unions )

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Fuel Line Pressure Relief Kit for 8mm i.d. fuel hose.

Bad hot starting can be the result of pressure build-up in the fuel feed line of a carburettor equipped car, causing the carburettor to flood either during hot soak or whilst cranking.

Some manufacturers addressed this problem by fitting a fuel return line to the tank but this is a cumbersome solution for owners of cars without this feature as it involves making irreversible modifications to the car.. however we have the answer 🙂

Our Fuel Line Pressure Relief Kit provides extra fuel hose, clips and two ‘T’-pieces, one with a valve and one without, to install a by-pass loop in the feed pipe to bleed excess pressure build up from the system.

Installation involves just cutting the fuel feed pipe before and after the fuel pump and inserting the by-pass hose via the ‘T’ pieces.

Solving a hot starting problem really is as simple as that.
The kit contains a length of fuel hose, six hose clamps, two ‘T’ pieces and illustrated instructions.
The kit is also available with 6mm i.d. hose (Part HSK002)
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