Carburettor & Fuel Injection Fuel Hose/Line Kit for 6mm unions (3m long)

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Manufacturer Part Number: FLK02


Top-Quality fuel hose/Line kit.

Type 2240 – Made by Cohline in England.

Length: 3x Metres (9.84ft).
(5.5mm inside diameter x 11.5mm outside diameter).

Suitable for 6mm Fuel unions
(We also stock it for 8mm fuel unions).

Kit Includes:
3x metre fuel hose
1x In-Line fuel filter.
8x fuel line clips
1x 6mm ‘T’ piece fuel hose connector.


Fuel line specifications:
Inside FPM/ECO
Aramid brading inside
Outside ECO (abrasion resistant outer rubber layer)
DIN 73379-3E (edition 11/97)

Working pressure 10Bar
Testing pressure 20Bar
Burst pressure 50bar
Minimum permissible bend radius 55mm

Suitable for commercial fuel including:
Ethanol and Bio-diesel consisting of Rapeoilmethylester (RME Fuels) and E10.

Temperature range -40° to 125 °C, short term up to 140 °C

Basically, this is the dogs-bollox Chaps.

Lots of fuel lines can deal with short-term vehicle storage, but when a classic car (or any vehicle) is stationary for several months at a time, the fuel in the lines starts to break up.
The ethanol in the fuel starts to separate,which attacks the hose, and leads to material degradation and eventually splits and cracks.

This will cause the fuel to leak which has a high risk of vehicle fire – and we do not want that!

Type 2240 fuel hose will withstand E100 (Pure Ethanol Fuel) indefinitely.
Which means that it is ideal for classic cars/motorcycles/trucks etc.. which are often parked up in the garage for prolonged period of time.

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