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Dellorto DRLA 40 copy, produced by EMPI.

Recently developed by EMPI, this carburettor uses most Dell’Orto parts and looks exactly like a DRLA!

The Dellorto factory in Italy ceased production of the DRLA in 1992 so there are very few new carbs available, and used ones are becoming scarcer and more expensive. The EMPI “D” carburettor has it’s design based on the DRLA, but there are some improvements:

  • High pressure cast aluminium body which provides excellent dimensional accuracy
  • No enrichment/choke circuit which can cause accidental enrichment
  • Large float bowl to insure no fuel starvation at extended full throttle runs
  • Decompression valve to eliminate fuel drips caused by excessive pressure in the fuel bowl and fuel circuitry
  • Large banjo fuel inlet with special sealing washers and replaceable filter
  • Brass hex head Mixture adjusting screws for ease of adjustment
  • Nylon locking threads on the idle adjustment screw to resist vibration
  • Fuel progression ports that allow for extremely smooth acceleration and drivability (36mm has 6, 40mm & 45mm has 5)
  • Extended Idle Jet holders that assist in preventing clogged idle jets and increases mid-range performance
  • Extended fuel bowl vent that assists in preventing fuel sloshing and keeps debris from entering the carburettor
  • Brass port ball which is set using special tooling so it cannot move and allow fuel leakage
  • Improved needle valve design with larger size with a special spring damper which makes the system much less susceptible to vibration
  • Vacuum port for use with vacuum advance distributors
  • HD Throttle Return Spring for reliable throttle return
  • Ease of jetting as both main and idle jet stacks are accessible from the top of the carburettor


Standard jetting:

  • 34mm Venturi
  • 140 Main jet
  • .2 Emulsion tube
  • 180 Air corrector jet
  • 60 Idle jet
  • 35 Pump jet
  • 150 Needle valve


We can re-jet to suit any application, please enter your requirements in the “Order notes” section at the checkout.

45mm version of this carburettor is here: EMPI1045


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