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Twin WEBER IDF 40 Carburettor Kit to suit VW Type 1 Air-cooled Engine Installations.
Featuring German made CSP bell-crank Throttle linkage and top quality CSP manifolds.


Complete Kit, designed to improve your VW’s performance, throttle response & reliability.
Please select your engine’s size from the drop-down menu.
We will calibrate the WEBER 40 IDF carburettors ready to start & run your engine.

This VW WEBER Carburettor Kit Includes:

Genuine Weber IDF 40 carburettors jetted to suit your engine.
CSP offset Intake manifolds (40mm inside diameter).
CSP bellcrank throttle linkage.
83mm oval air filter Assemblies.
Manifold, carburettor, and air filter gaskets.
Fitting and setup instructions.
Heat insulators between carburettors and manifolds.

Carburettors are re-jetted to suit engine size, please select the correct kit according to engine size.

This conversion can be performed successfully by a skilled home mechanic or a professional garage.
No high-tech tools or equipment are required, just a good set of basic, mechanic’s/garage tools and a bit of patience!

Due to increasing engine bay temperatures, especially with the extra heat created by the ethanol levels in modern fuels, and the inherently poor cooling system on an air cooled flat 4 engine, it is strongly recommended that insulation gaskets are used when fitting Weber conversions on these engines to minimize the chances of potential heat damage to the carburettors. The use of a fuel cut off solenoid is also advised, to avoid fuel syphoning into the engine due to the position of the fuel tank.


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