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Genuine WEBER 32/36 DGAV Carburettor.

Featuring automatic/water choke system.

Suitable for 1600 – 2000cc engines.


We can Jet this carburettor to suit various configurations and applications.

Can also supply this carburettor with electric-type choke system or manual, cable pull-type system.


Standard jetting is:

  • 26mm Primary venturi (fixed)
  • 27mm Secondary venturi (fixed)
  • 140 Primary main jet
  • 140 Secondary main jet
  • F50 Primary emulsion tube
  • F50 Secondary emulsion tube
  • 170 Primary air corrector jet
  • 160 Secondary air corrector jet
  • 30 Pump exhaust valve
  • 60 Primary idle jet
  • 50 Secondary idle jet
  • 50 Pump jet
  • 2.00 Needle valve.



Height from Carburettor base to air filter mounting face is 85mm
Overall Carburettor height is 113mm (Ensure this will fit in your engine compartment).


We also stock air filters, mounting gaskets, throttle linkage kits (that enable you to operate this carburettor with a throttle cable) Fuel pumps and fuel hoses & securing clips, manifold base-plate gaskets and all the little bits in between.


Contact us if you need any assistance with your project.

Brand New – Genuine WEBER – Made in Spain.

Shipping Worldwide OK





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