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Fully restored and tested WEBER 40 DFI 5 Carburettor.

I have 3 of these in total (At the time of writing this), this buy price is just for one.

All have been fully restored and are presented as shown in the photo, i.e. completely restored and in full working order.

Please note, these are all fixed venturi choke type carburettors. With the fixed choke size being 32mm.

All the jets can be changed to suit your engine application, except for the fixed chokes.

Note that the WEBER DFI carburettor often suffers from warpage due to the design and from over-tightening the top cover securing screws and the manifold mounting stud nuts.
These 3 carburettors i am offering here, are straight as an arrow!

All 3 have been bench & engine tested, and they all work beautifully.

Re-calibration to suit your engine, is included in the price. When you order, please advise which engine you intend to install it on, and i will look at the calibration you need, and i’ll install the correct calibration/jets in the carburettor before posting it out to you.

These carburettors are generally fitted to Ferrari v12 engines (3 pieces), and also Ford capri V6 engines (1x piece).

Please make sure you comprehend the fixed venturi choke situation. The capri used the 32mm chokes, but in the Ferrari v12 range, i think the 365 California Altair was the only one that used the 32mm choke size. Other ferraris equipped with the weber 40 DFI carburettor used a smaller choke size i believe, perhaps 28mm.

If you have any questions, email me/us.



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