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Suitable for single carburettor / throttle body installations.
You get what you see in the photo.

This adaptor kit will add 32mm inlet tract length.

It is widely understood that increasing intake tract length can have a beneficial effect on performance, and until now, the only way to achieve this has been to fit different length intake manifolds, if available.

Our new spacers allow the existing intake manifold to quickly and easily be extended with the minimum of disruption to the tuning process.

Superbly CNC manufactured in the UK from billet aluminium, the new spacers add 32mm to the length of any 45 DCOE manifold and are supplied in kit form with studs, nuts, O-rings, gaskets and mounting cups & grommets.

Manifold spacer kits are available as follows:

Single 45 DCOE / Throttle body MSK001
Twin 45 DCOE / Throttle body MSK0014
Triple 45 DCOE / Throttle body MSK0016

These spacer kits are designed to use the existing manifold studs and nuts to secure to the manifold, however your manifold studs may need to be shortened to allow fitment.

Suitable for use with Weber DCOE carburettors, Dellorto DHLA, SOLEX ADDHE as well as DCOE flange throttle bodies.

These aluminium, ready machined adaptors/extensions can be used on 40mm DCOE/DHLA/ADDHE carburettors as they are. Airflow will not be negatively affected.

If your carburettors are 48mm then you will have to manually open the bore diameter of these aluminium adaptors to suit. This can be done with a suitable grinding tool.

Enhance the performance of your carbureted or fuel-injected motor by giving the airflow a better chance of straightening & thickening-up!! : )

The purpose of the spacers is to increase performance without the hassle of extending a manifold.

Kit for 1 carburettor which includes:

UK manufactured billet aluminium 32mm spacers x 2
Mounting studs x 4
Nyloc nuts x 4
O rings x 2
Gaskets x 2
Rubber mounting grommets and cup washers x 4 sets


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