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Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulator KIT.

This regulator is a ‘step-down’ type regulator.
Designed to dramatically reduce fuel pressure.

This will enable the retention of your original injection fuel pump, and use it to fuel Carburettors
(Which work with lower fuel pressure).

Designed for vehicles originally on fuel injection which now have carburettors.
Reducing fuel pressure from around 88 psi, down to as low as 1 psi.

Regulator is designed so that you can adjust fuel pressure from your injection pump.

The fuel pressure setting range is 1-5 psi

This regulator also allows you to keep the existing feed and return lines, so you can revert back to injection at any time.


See photo of fuel line connection instructions

Supplied with:

  • 3 off 8mm x 1/8th NPT unions, alternative sizes may be purchased seperatley.
  • Mounting bracket and screws as shown.
  • Connection diagram


This regulator has been flow tested using a Bosch fuel pump.

At 1 PSI the flow was 3.54 Ltr min

2 psi = 2.75 Ltr min

3 psi = 2 Ltr min

So the answer is, the higher the pressure from the fuel pump, the lower the flow rate, not because of the regulator itself, but because the pump slows down the harder it has to push to overcome the pressure.

If the carb/engine is not using the fuel,  the pressure will build up, but if the fuel level is dropping  quickly (maximum power requirement) ,the pressure in the pipe will drop allowing the higher flow rate.

So, the regulator will supply a max of 3.54 litres per minute. What this means in BHP. i do not know, sorry.


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