We provide carburettor and engine tuning for the classic car & Classic sports car enthusiast.

Let us get the very best out of your engine’s potential by tuning your carburettors to the exact requirements of your specific engine for performance, power & efficiency..
It’s cool and it’s A LOT of fun!!

From troubleshooting your XJ12’s miss-fire to dialling-in your Twin DELLORTO
DHLA 48 equipped – all out racer – 8000rpm 2.0 Ford OHC engine
ready to blow the opposition to the weeds!!


Our Services:

Ignition timing
Determining engine intended use
Carburettor choke/venturi selection
Balancing/synchronizing multiple carburettors
Testing our changes
Carburettor rebuilds & kits
Manifold & manifold adaptors



Performance power runs with print outs
Performance power run with fuel check (AFR)
Engine health and servicing check
Race or track car set ups
Carburetor and fuel injection
ECU remapping
Basic power runs:

Ideal for those who simply wish to discover the output of their vehicle’s engine. A number of non-adjustment runs are completed and a print-out providing all the important figures is given at the end of the test. This is a basic strap down power test and will show wheel BHP, torque, run down losses, flywheel BHP and corrected flywheel BHP to desired industry standard. Other data includes ignition timing, AFR, intake temps and more.
Club shoot-out days available.


Club rolling road day events are welcome. We typically ask for at least 10 cars and can offer runs at £30 each with the usual printed data. Tea, coffee available, and banter provided at no additional cost.
Get your club mates available and book a session with us today.
All at our 2WD rolling Road center in Lye, West Midlands, UK

Book an appointment and come visit us!

contact us on [email protected]

c/o RRS Rolling Road Services
Unit 4 Sargeant Turner Trading Estate,
Bromley Street,
West Midlands,

email: [email protected]
Tel: 07879 658746


For Carburettor Parts Technical:
[email protected]



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