We provide rolling road/dynamometer engine tuning services on carburettor and EFI systems for the classic car & classic sports car enthusiast.

A good rolling road tune-up will help extract the very best out of your engine’s potential by methodically eliminating bottlenecks, faultfinding, carefully setting up throttle linkages, analyzing ignition & fuel data , and finely tuning your engine so that it performs the best it can within it’s specifications.

Our aim is to improve your engine’s performance, power & efficiency.

Let us show you how you will blow your opposition to the weeds!!

Our main Services:
Check-up & Trouble-shooting
Carburettor setting-up & tuning
Stand alone ECU mapping
Throttle body installation & set-up
Ignition troubleshooting & timing
Determining engine intended use
Carburettor choke/Jet/venturi selection
Balancing/synchronizing multiple carburettors & throttle bodies
Carburettor restorations, rebuilds & kits
Intake Manifold selection & conversion manifold adaptors
Power-runs with Print-outs

Basic power runs:
Ideal for those who simply wish to discover the output power of their engine.
A number of non-adjustment runs are completed and a print-out providing all the important figures is given at the end of the test.
This is a basic strap down power test and will show wheel BHP, torque, run down losses, flywheel BHP and corrected flywheel BHP to desired industry standard.
Other data includes ignition timing, Air/fuel Ratio (AFR), intake temperature and more.
Club shoot-out days available.

We can also offer:
Performance power run with fuel check (AFR)
Engine health and servicing check
Race or track car set ups
Carburetor and fuel injection installation & set up (The full works)
ECU remapping

Our Premises address:
Classic Carbs Rolling Road Services
Unit 4 Sargeant Turner Trading Estate,
Bromley Street,
West Midlands,

For our Rollers, contact Chris:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 07879 658746

For Carburettor Parts & Service Technical, contact Emmanuel:
[email protected]

Give us a call, even if just for a chat : )


Emmanuel Grigoriou
Classic Carbs UK