Classic Carbs UK is happy to accept Weber and Dellorto classic carburettors for servicing, restoring, re-conditioning, tuning and setting-up.

Once we’ve received your carburettors and instructions, work can commence. Typical turn-around time is from 2 – 6 weeks, delivered.

Click the following links to see examples of our restoration work:
WEBER 40 DCZ/6 Triple Carburettor restoration for Classic Ferrari V12 Engines
WEBER 40 DCNF 13 Triple Ferrari 246 DINO Carburettors
WEBER 40 IDAP3C (Triple Choke) Porsche 911 Carburettors
WEBER 32/36 DGAV Carburettor – MK1 Ford Escort RS2000 2.0 OHC ‘Pinto’ Engine.
WEBER 38 DCOE 59-60 Carburettor Restoration for Ferrari 365 GTC/4

Our process typically involves stripping, inspecting and carrying out any repairs and/or modifications, vapour blasting the aluminium body parts such as the main casings and covers, yellow or bright zinc plating of steel parts, black phosphate coating of spindles, pump rods and pump springs, chemical cleaning of all brass components, including jets, floats and throttles valves …followed by a final clean, re-assembly, using brand new service kits which include gaskets, o-rings, needle valves, pump diaphragms and consumables.

Carburettors are first stripped and inspected …looking for any missing parts or damage.  We separated all the component parts ready for the separate processes that each group would require.

Typically, the processes involved are:

  • Bead blasting
  • brass pickling
  • yellow/bright zinc plating
  • chemical blacking/phosphating
  • tin plating
  • Nickel Plating
  • buffing, cleaning and polishing


Whilst up-keeping quality of workmanship and attention to the details, we aim to deliver the carburettors back to you as soon as possible.


Generally speaking, a restoration can take anything from between 4 to 8 weeks, depending largely on the condition of the carburettors at the start.

Specialist alloy TIG welding can be used to repair obsolete carburettor parts that have been damaged, cracked or broken and are generally considered to be irreplaceable.

We specialise in classic Italian side-draught and down-draught WEBER & DELLORTO carburettors

We take pride in our restorations and if it’s humanly possible to restore a carburettor, we will do it!

If you have any questions or comments to make, please feel free to email us or come to our main Facebook page where we interact on a daily basis.


Thank you,

Emmanuel Grigoriou
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