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Ramair air filter & mounting backplate assembly to suit the following carburettors:

WEBER 38, 40, 42 & 45mm DCOE & DCOM Carburettors.
Dellorto DHLA 40, 45 and 48mm Carburettors.
Solex ADDHE 40 & 45mm Carburettors.

This filter has a backplate which fixes on to the carburettor. 2x piezo style push buttons on each end of the backplate retain the foam air filter in place. To remove the foam air filter to gain access to the front end of the carburettor, or to wash the filters, simply push the two buttons, which will release the filter.
To mount the air filter back on, simply locate the filter in line with the backplate, and push the two buttons again, which will lock the filter and backplate together.

Internal Height 100mm (Ensure you leave a minimum of 20mm free space between the inner filter surface and the trumpet lip edge)
Overall Height 118mm
Overall length 198mm
Overal Width 131mm

A word about trumpets: It is generally desirable to use trumpets on intakes/carburettors, as they aid flow into and through the carburettor barrels. Use the largest trumpet/air filter combination you can physically fit in your engine bay, and remember to leave enough free space in front of the trumpet so that air is free to circulate. minimum is 20mm
So if your trumpets are 60mm long, you’ll want to use a filter that’s at least 80mm long/deep on the inside, so it leaves 20mm free space – at least.

Ramair’s hugely successful range of filter kits, designed to bolt directly to the carburettor body, is used widely in both competition and street applications. The element is of sturdy construction, supported by a stainless steel cage and provides maximum surface area to optimise the airflow for induction ramming. The range of baseplates are cut for a variety of well known carburettor types and have quick-release fasteners to attach the element.

Air filter Features:
High performance twin layer foam
Black powder coated base plate
Easy to use push clips to attach and detach filter
Easy to clean using hot soapy water
Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for life (single user, non-transferable)
Long lasting and hard wearing



A shorter version of this filter for tighter engine compartments, see part number RAM236401



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